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Perkins Professional Development Institute

Slide 1 - 2013/2014 Changes and Instructions

  • Helping Florida CTE teachers earn over 1,900 Industry Certifications since 2009

Slide 2 - Changes to our website

  • Our menu is on the right
    • Click the menu to access eligibility information, workshop applications, self-study applications, information and form to host workshops in your county or school, and our calendar.
  • On the home page we added a feature to keep everyone informed on current happenings at the PDI

Slide 3 - The PDI is looking forward to another successful year. We have challenges to overcome, but we are confident that we will achieve our goals!

  • The following slides discuss:
    • Changes for 2013/14
    • How to determine teacher eligibility
    • How to complete Workshop & Self-Study Applications
    • How School Systems and other organizations can host a workshop or facilitated study group

Slide 4 - Changes This Year!

  • Our funding has been reduced by half.
  • Focus is directed to using “Facilitated Study Groups” in place of Vendor Taught Workshops.
  • Virtual workshops will be given priority over Instructor Led workshops (except for Facilitated Study Groups).
  • Vendor taught workshops will require justification and applications from at least 12+ eligible teachers.

Slide 5 -Determining Teacher Eligibility

  • Approval of applications are based on compliance with the FLDOE Technical Skills Attainment Inventory (TSAI) List.
    • Check the appropriate list for your program:
      • Middle/High School (Secondary Programs)
      • CTE Tech Center (Adult Level/Clock Hour Program)
      • College (College Credit Program)
    • Verify that the certification you are seeking is listed for that program.

Slide 6 - Completing Teacher Applications

  • Teachers have two choices:
    • Attending a PDI Sponsored Workshop
      • To attend a PDI sponsored workshop or Facilitated Study Group you need to fill in a one page “WORKSHOP APPLICATION.”
    • Self-Study and Taking an Examination
      • If you only need a book, manual or an online refresher course, the PDI reimburses up to $150 in expenses, plus the cost of the exam. You will need to complete a two page “SELF-STUDY APPLICATION.”

Slide 7 - Using the 3 TSAI Lists to verify Eligibility

  • The graphic shows the three Perkins IV Technical Skills Attainment Inventory lists for Secondary programs, Adult Level/Clock Hour programs, and College Credit programs. It has arrows that point to the appropriate list for Middle and High Schools, Career and Tech Ed Centers and Colleges.

Slide 8 - Using the TSAI
This graphic shows where to find the Program Numbers on the three (3) TSAI lists.

Slide 9 – Using the TSAI
This graphic shows where to find the Program Name on the three (3) TSAI lists.

Slide 10 – Using the TSAI
This graphic shows where to find the Certification Codes on the three (3) TSAI lists.

Slide 11 – Using the TSAI
This graphic shows where to find the Certification Titles on the three (3) TSAI lists.

Slide 12 – Want to Host a PDI Sponsored Workshop for your organization?

  • School Systems/Organizations that need to schedule a PDI sponsored workshop must:
    • Complete a “Request for PDI Workshop” at least a month in advance.
    • Priority given to those utilizing their own instructors to facilitate study groups.
    • We reimburse for group facilitator expenses at $25 per hour (see details on the form).
    • Priority is given to Postsecondary High Skill/High Wage programs.

Slide 13 – Why Facilitated Study Groups?
The simple reason is that vendor taught workshops are expensive.

  • Our experience is that facilitate study groups cost 50% less than vendor workshops and on average they have a higher pass rate on examinations.
  • They are also more flexible in two ways:
  • Only 5 teachers are needed to form a group.
  • The group can meet over a longer time allowing more time to practice.

Slide 14 – Can we still have Workshops?

  • Yes, as long as funding lasts we will sponsor vendor taught workshops.
    • Workshops will be limited to those more technical certifications that require skills that are not available in your system.
  • We use competitive bidding to select vendors to teach these workshops.
  • Do not make commitments to vendors without contacting the PDI.

Slide 15 – An Example of Expensive Workshops?

  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications.
  • Three (3) certifications are needed.
  • Assuming an average cost per student for a two (2) day workshop of $450
  • Assume a class of 15 teachers
  • $450 X 15 = $6,750
  • $6,750 X 3 (certifications) = $20,250
  • Average cost for MOS certification:$1,350 per teacher

Slide 16 – An Example of Expensive Workshops (2)?
Our goal this year is to help at least 300 teachers achieve industry certification.

  • Some of the more technical certification workshops run $1,800+ (such as MSSC and Video programs).
  • Our total budget for the 2013/2014 school year is $150,000.
  • We are obligated to be good stewards of the funds that are provided, and we intend to maximize these funds to meet our goal.

Slide 17 – Remember – Our Menu is to the Right. The menu on your right will direct you to:

  • Our Calendar of PDI Sponsored Workshops
  • Links to the TSAI (Technical Skills Attainment Inventory) to determine teacher eligibility
  • Workshop Applications
  • Self‐Study Applications
  • School & Organization Request for PDI Workshop
  • Teacher & Administrator Training Program Request

Slide 18 – To Contact us:

  • Program Director – Dr. Cheryl Fante
  • Program Coordinator – Brian Voge (vogeb@cf.edu)
  • Assistant – Maraci Wallace (Wallacea@cf.edu)
  • Phone: 352-­‐854-­‐2322 ext. 1669 (Brian) or 1283 (Maraci)
    Fax: 352-­‐873-­‐5870 Note: we prefer documents scanned and emailed
  • Address: Ewers Century Center – 202B
    3001 S.W. College Rd.
    Ocala, FL 34474-­‐4415
  • http://www.cf.edu/departments/instruction/workforce/perkins/
    OR -­‐ the shortcut to our website: http://tinyurl.com/perkinspdi

Thank you for viewing this overview program!

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